Network Center (NC) of China University of Geosciences (CUG) was officially founded and began to develop campus network construction in December 1995. In March 2000, the CAI Laboratory and E-Education Center were merged to form the Network Center renamed to Network and Education Technology Center (NETC). In April 2015, directed and led by CUG’s Party Secretary and President, the Network Security and Information Construction (NEIC) leading group was set up, with the NEIC office under the leadership. In May 2018, CUG integrated the NEIC office and NETC into the current Network and Information Center (NIC).

  • Office of General Affairs Responsibilities:

    1. Releasing monthly reports on operation, maintenance and security;

    2. Editing information briefings;

    3. Coordinating and distributing internal and external information;

    4. Managing and filing contracts, projects, regulation documents and other files;

    5. Unifying the management of staff, funds and properties;

    6. Organizing publicity tasks;

    7. Administrating the internal information construction of NIC;

    8. Supporting other daily office routines.

    TEL: 86-27-87175211

  • Network Operations Department Responsibilities:

    1. Designing the construction of the backbone network;

    2. Monitoring network security, providing technology safeguarding, managing personnel training;

    3. Monitoring and optimizing network performance;

    4. Providing network authentication services and securing external bandwidths;

    5. Managing IP address resources and domain names;

    6. Administrating security detection of application systems, and CUG’s network security level protection;

    7. Maintaining and managing backbone network facilities to ensure the smooth, stable, and secure operation of the network.

    TEL: 86-27-67883150

  • User Service Department Responsibilities:

    1.Providing and managing end user network access,providing user consultation service;

    2.In charge of management and maintanance of campus fiber network and user access network.

    3.Managing the operation and maintenance of optical fiber backbone network of campus network,

    4.Providing the network support of major event nodes.

    5.Providingthe publicity, promotion and training of campus network application technology.

    TEL:86-27-67886480; 86-27-65278064

  • Information Management Department Responsibilities:

    1.Managingthe whole process management of the school's informatization project;

    2.Managing the supervision and implementation of school information standards.

    TEL: 86-27-67883552

  • Resource Management Department Responsibilities:

    1. Administering the integrated planning, deployment, and management of servers, storage,system software and other resources;

    2. Securing stable operation of resources and providing technical supports;

    3. Conducting the planning, construction, operation service and technical support of the high performance computing platform, cloud services platform, and other shared platforms;

    4. Managing and maintaining room facilities (the network center room and the fail-over room);

    5. Managing and backing up data;

    6. Administrating and constructing resources and platform software environments;

    7. Providing technical consulting services, supports and training;

    8. Managing the implementation of school informatization project;

    9. Administrating and constructing data center.

    TEL: 86-27-67885015; 86-27-87175220;86-27-67885173

  • Network Rngineering Department Responsibilities:

    1.Managing the formulation of access network construction specifications and construction technical guidance;

    2.Managing the planning and construction plan review of access network.

    3.Managingthe implementation supervision and management of network engineering construction.

    4.Managing access network construction drawings and data.

    5.Undertake the corresponding technical support work assigned by the network and information center.


CUG is among the first list of higher education institutions that started information construction. CUG initiated the preparation for the campus network in August 1994, and the campus computer network center (NC) was established in November, 1995, which boosted the development of network infrastructure. The 100M campus switched backbone network was officially connected to Internet in April 1994, and was upgraded to 1,000M and connected to the 100M optical cables of the Central China Network Center (CCNC) in 1999. Over time, CUG proposed the construction blueprint of “Digital CUG” in 1999, and launched the first-phase project of “Digital CUG” in 2001.During these years, CUG upgraded the campus network, including network education in the “Digital CUG” construction, and established multiple management information systems. These efforts had boosted CUG’s development, and obtained certain achievements. In 2005, CUG finished the structured cabling for all teaching and office buildings. In 2008, CUG initiated the second-phase project of “Digital CUG”, which aimed at office automation, and focused on the construction of OA, educational administration, student affairs, research, and financial systems. The accomplishments of the second-phase project are as follows: the development of a code set of information standards, the foundation of the unified identity authentication platform and the unified information portal, and the specification of authoritative sources of data. In 2009, CUG completed the transformation and upgrading of the network by using the specialized fund for repairing and purchasing offered by the Ministry of Education, and founded the high performance computer public service platform which ranked NO. 71 of the TOP 100 higher education institutions. During 2014 and 2015, CUG renewed the information facilities of the new library, upgraded and transformed campus network backbone (10,000M to building and 1,000M to desktop), relocated the computer rooms, and achieved wireless Internet coverage over all dormitories. Up till now, CUG has accomplished a digital campus covered and accessed by wireless Internet.

In May 2018, in order to promote the university’s information development, CUG integrated the functions of the NEIC office and NETC, and officially established the Network and Information Center (NIC).

Since 2017, to continually enhance the informatization construction level, CUG has been launching the “Smart Campus”  project. Up to now, the new version of campus information portal  and online service hall have been completed;  the setup of cluster system and the migration of school/ department websites have been finished. By constructing CUG’s micro portal via microenterprise number and Wechat official account, CUG’s data management standards have been improved; with the data center and the data sharing platform, more than 20 business management system of 17 departments have succeeded in data exchange. Moreover, the high performance computing platforms, cloud computing platform,  and the big data Public Service Platform have provided strong support for CUG’s teaching and scientific research.

By means of the “cloud” resource management, data “lake” aggregation, service “micro” processing and other technical means, our goals are to establish a secure, stable and smooth campus network—which helps to achieve the “one-sheet-filing, one-stop-service, and one-page-overview” prospect, and to provide comprehensive support for “quantitative assessment, personalized teaching and intelligent decision-making”. All these endeavors are meant to better meet the growing needs of teachers and students, to support the construction of “a first-class university”, and to achieve the goal of establishing a world-famous research university in the field of earth science.